Welcome to PECS 2022
Physics of Estuaries and Coastal Seas
24-28 October 2022, Shanghai, China
The Idea Behind PECS

PECS (Physics of Estuaries and Coastal Seas) brings together scientists and engineers working on coastal and estuarine fluid dynamics and sediment transport. PECS is an informal organization whose purpose is to foster communication among estuarine and coastal scientists around the world through biennial conferences. The aims of the conferences are to:

  • promote exchange of information on recent developments in physics of estuaries and coastal seas;
  • stimulate cooperation between coastal engineers and coastal oceanographers, and
  • provide a forum for graduate students and young scientists and engineers where they feel comfortable to interact with experienced scientists.

Emphasis is on the results of field and laboratory measurements, and theoretical and numerical analysis, with the aim of better understanding the underlying physical processes. This conference series emphasizes informal exchanges in a collegial environment. All sessions are plenary and will be delivered from either Shanghai or Perth.